Sunday, June 5, 2011

If everyday were Christmas

If EVERYDAY were Christmas, it never really would be then, would it?

To all of you people out there who think that EVERY kid should get to play on the team, join the squad or be a part of the group....really?
To the schools who are going to honor all "high achieving" kids in place of a valedictorian and salutatorian....what the hell are you thinking?

Seriously. What kind of message are you sending to these kids?
That everyone is equal? That no matter your effort, or lack thereof you are just as good as the next person?

Guess what? Their not. I think this new trend of fair play and political correctness is the biggest mistake that we as parents, educators and as humans in general can make.

What kind of generation are we raising?
It is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION at the very worst.

I do not want a position because I am a woman, I want it because I am the more qualified person.

I do not want my child to be part of a sports team because everyone gets to be on the team, I want them to be on the team because they were the best of the best.

Recently my daughter tried out for cheerleading, she is a beautiful girl, she plays sports, she is an honor roll student, very popular among her peers and she was not given a place on the squad....and while I was sad for her, because she was sad. I was also grateful. The next time she has try outs for something she will practice harder, put forth more effort, be her very best.
I think that "no" was one of the best things that could happen to a girl who, so far in life, has had things come to her easily.

Please, someone put a stop to the insanity.
Expect something out of your children. make them work for what they want. Teach them to earn what they receive. Show them how special you feel when you worked harder than anyone else in the room. After all, how on earth do you imagine they will know to do better, if you do not?

Christmas is wonderful, but part of the thrill is the anticipation. I would not want it to be Christmas everyday.


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

When you put it that way...

When you hear a song that brings you to your knees, tears to your eyes or makes you want to curl up in a ball and redo some part of your life,


That other people are hearing their own song.

Who is thinking of your spouse, who is your spouse thinking of?

Your gain is someone else's regret,

your regret is another's gain.